What we’re reading – a reading list for march

march reading list


There are not very many things in this world that are better than settling in with a good book.  Well make that settling in with a good book and a steaming cup of strong black coffee, unless of course you are seven years old like my daughter here – no coffee for you!

Are you a reader? I am, and I’ve always been a reader. A habit passed on to me from my mum and her parents, that I’m really grateful for. Reading to me is not only a way to learn but a way to have a bit of a break from the everyday when it loses some of its lustre. And I guess if you’re a reader you totally know what I mean. This year I’ve committed to reading at least 24 books – this might not sound like many but This number allows for some of these to be taken a lot slower to really get a handle on the concepts inside.

I’m determined to pass down this habit onto my kids, just by encouraging at least five to ten minutes of reading a day and by leading by example of course.

Here’s what we’re loving to read in March:

Me(Jill): The book of John in the bible ,  and The melody lingers on by Mary Higgins Clark – this one if already finished. It’s an easy read but still quiet good.

Caleb (13 years)- Caleb has started reading The scorch trials by James Dashner – I have also skipped ahead of Caleb and read this one, It’s a pretty easy read but we’ll be putting it on the shelf until he’s 15 as there are a lot of gruesome scenes in this one. We’ll have to choose another book for him, let me know what you recommend in the comments 🙂

Jordan (11 years)- The world’s worst children   by David Walliams – Jordy has loved reading this book what he likes the most is that it’s a short story book – so he gets to read lots of little stories.

Jason (10 years) – The Midnight Gang by David Walliams. Jason likes this book – in his own words it’s fun to read 🙂

Annabelle (7 years) Charlotte’s Web by E.B White I’ve been reading most of this to Annabelle, however as we get into the story she has been able to read pages by herself. Her favourite character is the goose – who is really chatty and quite funny.

Jackson ( 6 years) – There’s a monster under my bed who farts by Tim Miller. Jack brought this one home from the school library and thought it was absolutely hilarious! It’s pretty funny to read together when he’s giggling away.

Do you read digital books or hard copy books? Me I love hard copy books – the smell of the pages, the weight in my hands, and no blue light messing with my eyes., but either way that you want to read is good xx

What are you reading at the moment?


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