What to make for easter {sourdough hot cross bun bake along}

Sourdough Hot cross bun bake along

The baking of the hot cross buns for Easter would be one of my favourite Easter traditions. I love the smell of cinnamon and dried fruits floating around my home. It  reaches into every corner and calls out to come and gather around the table with laughter and joyful banter. It  begs us to scoop spoonfuls of butter onto each steaming half so that it drips down your arm when bitting into the sweet and doughy mouthful of freshly baked buns.

Nourishing my family is important to me – and making sure most of what they eat is great for them is a priority of mine. While I can’t control everything they eat and I have learnt to let go, I choose to make sourdough hot cross buns instead of buying yeasted buns because they are a healthier option. The spelt I use is easier to digest, as is sourdough because it’s been fermented – and it’s also good for the soul to create, bake and enjoy great food with family .

This year I have an invite for you. And while I would like to invite you all into my home to eat my hot cross buns, sadly I know it’s a long way for you to come. However I thought a bake along would be fun – that way you can join in on our Easter tradition – just like one of the fam.

The idea is to make our sourdough hot cross buns step by step over a couple of weeks. I know a couple of weeks sounds really strange, but when you’re working with sourdough (especially for the first time) it’s good to give yourself time to get the starter active and ready for baking. The sourdough buns are so yummy and filling as well – your kids won’t eat as many as they would traditional, but they’re also kinder on  their digestive system as they are so much easier to digest.

So what do you think? Would you like to bake with me?

Here’s what you’ll need :

250g of flour for your starter (I’m using organic spelt flour)

200g of active starter (What we’ll be making first)

400g greek yogurt

200g filtered or rain water

900g extra spelt flour (plus more for kneading if kneading by hand)

100g raw sugar

100g room temperature butter

2 tsp cinnamon ( or more if you love it like me)

2-3 tsp mixed spice ( you can make your own with spices like clove, cardamom, nutmeg, etc)

3 tsp sea salt

250g sultanas

150 g currants ( I’ve also used 400g mixed dried fruit sulphur dioxide free)

So once you’ve gathered your flour you’re ready for day one. If you’re anything like me you just want to get started so I’ll put day one and two up here now and come back with day three in a couple of days. You don’t need to gather all of your supplies at first, although you may like to  use your shopping list to prompt you to get them when you’re next at the shops

Day one:

Firstly some tips for working with sourdough –

  • You’ll need a jar with a plastic lid to keep your starter in.
  • Everything you use will need to be sterilised – the jar, the spoon etc. Some people don’t like using metal spoons for any kind of ferments but I have found that stainless steel spoons are okay for mixing the starter, however you could use a silicone spatula if you like. The sterilising is because we don’t want any nasty bugs to take over our wild ferments. If mould grows on your starter throw it away and start again.
The steps

Mix 50g of your chosen flour with 50g of water in your sterilised jar. Pop the lid on loosely so that your starter can breathe and leave for tomorrow. I know it looks pretty yuck right now, but it’ll get better I promise.

Day two:

Mix your starter.

Now that wasn’t too hard was it

I’ll be back in a few days with some more instructions on feeding your starter.




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