What to buy for Easter – besides pyjamas part two

Hey, I’m back again with another idea for your Easter shopping. You guessed it – bunny softies. I see a lot of bunny softies around at Easter in big stores – but they’re commercialised and kind of strange-looking. If you’re after quality and lovingly made bunnies then look no further, Keira from Sew Loved has you covered. Today I’m talking with Keira all things Easter.

 Tell us a little about yourself and your business

Hi I’m  Keira – owner, dreamer, creator, of Sew Loved Dolls and accessories.

I’m a mum to 2 amazing little girls, Eloise (3 in April) and Emilia (1 in June). I’ve always enjoyed taking time to be creative but found I wasn’t making time to do anything creative since becoming a mum of two. My business emerged after listening to the beautiful Kyle (@thesleepmama) who urges mum’s to look after themselves and ensure they make time for the things they enjoy outside of motherhood! This really resonated with me so I decided to have a go at making something a little special for my girls.

6 months after creating my first doll I’m still going strong and loving every aspect of it!

I love everything about what I do! Buying fabric, designing patterns, sewing the dolls, meeting amazing people and learning about the bubs they are buying for, I love it all!

My favourite doll at the moment would have to be the mermaid doll. I think I kind of impressed myself with how far I’ve come in six months. I drew up the designs for a friends little girls first birthday and I was so pleased with how the doll came together!

What’s your favourite Easter family tradition?

My favourite Easter tradition would have to be food! It May sound strange but food is such an important part of my family’s celebrations. I come from a crazy, noisy, fun family. We have an Italian background on my mums side and this love of creating, sharing, dreaming about, talking about and most importantly, eating, food is such a huge part of the culture! Every Easter, birthday and Christmas we make lasagna and cannelloni (and a roast and a few salads and maybe 3-4 desserts). The recipes (or not “what’s in this Nonna? Just watch and do like this!”) and the process of making the food together is something that was passed down from my Nonna (grandmother) and a tradition I hope to keep alive with my girls!

What’s your most treasured Easter memory?

I can’t pinpoint an exact Easter memory as a particular highlight as every Easter to me is special and important.

What does Easter mean to you?

Easter to me is about family coming together. It’s about being in the kitchen creating food to share and enjoy together. A lot of people view making food as a chore these days or feel they don’t have time to do it. To me, making, sharing and enjoying food with my family is so much more than creating a meal. It’s about the process and it is an unspoken expression of love towards those whom we are creating the food for. It’s also about the preparation. The communication, the teaching, the learning, the compromising (I think we should add chilli!, are you insane we never add chilli! Let’s try it! Not too much!) that goes into creating a meal together. These are all life skills that go beyond knowing how to nourish yourself with good food. Easter time will always remind me of my Nonna who is no longer with us. She was an amazing woman. Strong, smart, loving, hardworking. She had so many amazing qualities. We sometimes had a language barrier (she was born in Italy so English was her second language) but when we were in the kitchen creating food, language was never a barrier. These are my most treasured Easter memories. I hope to reflect some of these qualities I saw in my Nonna, and see in my mum and sister today. My hope is that  no matter where my family is, we will always gather at these special times and keep these traditions alive for many generations to come.

I would love one of these bunnies to cuddle – and if you would too you can find them at Keira’s store here. You’ll also find Keira hangin around all the usual places like Facebook and Instagram.  These are handmade to order so I suggest you get in touch ASAP if you would like one for Easter.

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