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I’m Jill a mamma of five, wife and a creative type, living in Rural NSW Australia.

Like a lot of mums I have struggled with the thought am I really enough? I have been stuck on the treadmill of life ferrying kids around, running a household and somewhere along the line life got in the way of living. Then I realised that joy can be found in the small things that make a life, in the little pieces that make the everyday.

I invite you on a journey – a journey of living life purposefully &  intentionally.  We were created with a purpose for our lives and by having  purpose behind everything that we do life takes on a whole new meaning.

This blog is the place where I’ll be logging my journey of living with purpose and intent in all that I do from making a home to nourishing my family to raising awesome people and I hope you can learn something from me along the way



A little story behind the names Cecil and Beryl

So my hubby (Mick) started calling me Beryl because of all of the ‘old fashioned’ stuff I’m into like sewing and baking. Not being one to shy away from a bit of cheeky banter I call him Cecil.

Cheekiness aside, the best part about these names is that they remind me that we will grow old together – cue soppy music here

Some more about what makes me……

  • I am a daughter of the King
  • My husband(aka Cecil) is my best friend in the whole entire world
  • Like every other person who grew up in the 90’s I’m a self-confessed DIY addict!! I love to sew,paint,crochet,design rooms, cook well you get the picture
  • I like to head straight to the back of a magazine and read the satirical, usually laughing so hard I cry.
  • I am a crier. Yep I cry while reading books, I cry while watching movies, I cry while watching cartoons, hey I even cry while watching ads.
  • I really love to bake, baking sourdough is my latest adventure in the kitchen
  • I’m a lover of good coffee, preferably organic.
  • I always have more than one project on the go at any given time.
  • I’m a trained classical singer, but I’d rather listen to rock, jazz or alternate music and despite my mother spending large sums of money I can’t play an instrument….
  • I love to listen to music while sewing
  • I’m a bit of a foodie, and drive my husband mad when we go out to dinner, I refuse to buy anything I can make at home.
  • We live on a hobby farm, with our own menagerie. The goats are my favourites, but don’t tell the chooks I said that they might go on strike….
  • I love to read to my kiddies
  • I sometimes get time to read by myself…
  • If I was stranded on a desert island I would still find some sort of craft to do… maybe I should take up banana leaf weaving just in case…
  • My favourite tv show is Downton Abbey, sad I know, but it’s true, also Gilmore Girls is an obsession of mine
  • Sometimes I watch shows and movies just because I love the costumes, okay I confess, it’s most of the time

family photo large

While I’d love to say I get to sew and be crafty all day I’ll be honest. Life is crazy. I’m a busy mum who adores her kiddies and always puts them first. Most afternoons we have activities on and time is short and kids are precious. So how do I do it? I live by this theory; that we can have it all, we just have to decide what our all is.

My all ; not working a nine-to-five so I can spend time with my kids, and that creativity plays a leading role in my life.


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